A Dance with Dragons book cover
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GRRM Still Has Problems with Meereenese Knots

A Dance with Dragons book cover

George R. R. Martin posted a lot in one go on his LiveJournal this morning (or evening, depending where you live), including some news about the HBO Game of Thrones pilot and A Dance with Dragons.

HBO Pilot: D&D have cast one more role and have an offer out to a wonderful actor on another. Sorry, no clues, I’m clued out for the present. One of the roles that was yet to be filled has been written out of the pilot. No huge thing, he wasn’t in that part of the book in any case… though we did have a world-class thespian lined up to play the part. Character and actor will both be back if we go to series.

Drat, no clues? Great, now we have to wait a while for official announcements. Pfft.

And I wonder which role was taken out of the pilot…based on what I know about the pilot’s script and the book, it could be Grand Maester Pycelle. According to the script, he’s supposed to be talking to Cersei in the scene where Jon Arryn lies on his deathbed, but that was never shown in the book.

A DANCE WITH DRAGONS: I took a good hard swack at the Meereenese knot. The sword bounced off and cut my nose off. Bugger.

GRRM has been stuck with “the Meereenese knot” for a long while now, so I guess it’s safe to say that he’s suffering from a writer’s block. And based on the way he described it, this one seems more painful than writer’s blocks usually are. Ouch.

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