The Last Unicorn Limited Edition print by Hidemi Kubo - Amalthea watercolor
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Conlan Press Celebrates The Last Unicorn Settlement with Awesome Prints

Conlan Press has announced that Peter S. Beagle and ITV have finally settled the legal problems they had with the animated The Last Unicorn. Aside from Beagle finally getting the money he deserves for the animated film’s sales, he and Conlan Press will apparently be able to do lots of awesome things related to The Last Unicorn merchandising. One of the first things they did is to put ten official The Last Unicorn art prints up for sale, and some of them look absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s a mini-gallery with a few of those prints:

The first four images are concept art for the film made by Hidemi Kubo, which look absolutely stunning. I’m especially fond of those watercolor images of Amalthea!

The last two images are all-new art by Brianne Drouhard. Can’t say I’m fond of the style, but they are kind of adorable.

The prints are being sold at 15% off their original prices up to October 31, 2011. There are only 1000 copies of each print being sold, and the prices are tiered (early buyers get better prices). While I’m sorely tempted to buy a print or two, I’m afraid that the prices are a bit too steep for a cheapskate like me. 

To those of you who are interested, though, visit the Conlan Press Website to take a look a the prices and place an order!

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