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Armin’s Epic Facial Expressions, Now in Figma Form

If I could summarize the effect of Shingeki no Kyojin on me and my friends who have watched it, all I can probably say is THE EMOTIONZ. And if there’s one figure that so cleverly displays all the emotions one would feel while watching this series, it’s the new figma Armin Arlert.

Watch as he goes from your average determined soldier:

Armin Arlert Figma - salute

To the terrified, wailing boy:

Armin Arlert Figma - despairing, kneeling

To enraged member of the Survey Corps bent on saving his friends and bringing on the badassery:

Armin Arlert Figma - enraged, 3d maneuver gear

I have to admit that Armin isn’t exactly my favorite SnK character, but his Figma is definitely looking fantastic! The figure’s release date is in July 2014, but you can pre-order from the Good Smile Company website or some sellers on Amazon.
On an OCD sidenote, Good Smile Company should probably look into correcting the figure information table for Armin – the barcode is correct, but it looks like they accidentally used the series information for figma Snow Miku (also up for pre-order and also scheduled for a July 2014 release):

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