Our Custom Wedding Bands by Little White Pouch

My fiance and I finally got married last month, and we just love the wedding bands Little White Pouch made for us!

Brushed white gold wedding bands in box
Our brushed white gold wedding bands by @littlewhitepouch (Photo by El)

I actually knew about Little White Pouch  even before I started researching about wedding bands online, but I hesitated to contact them because they specialize in 14k gold jewelry, and I wasn’t too keen on having gold rings made. We were actually eyeing a few tungsten carbide rings on etsy before I decided to contact Yani Monroy, the owner and designer of Little White Pouch.

Brushed white gold wedding bands
Look at that texture! <3 (White gold wedding bands by @littlewhitepouch; photo by El)

We specified that we didn’t want polished/shiny/smooth yellow gold rings, so Little White Pouch created these gorgeous brush-textured white gold rings for us. Since they’re made out of gold, they don’t quite look the same as what we initially had in mind, but we absolutely adore them all the same.

Brushed white gold engraved wedding bands
We had our first initials engraved inside our rings. (White gold wedding bands by @littlewhitepouch; photo by El)

Another reason I didn’t want to go for gold wedding bands was that they naturally more expensive than bands made from tungsten carbide or silver. I was surprised when Yani gave me her quote for these rings because it was lower than I expected it to be.

It took about a month or so to finish the rings because we had to resize mine – I didn’t get to meet up with Yani for measurements and just relayed the measurements a jewelry shop in Greenbelt gave me. This whole time I thought my fingers were around size 5 – it turns out I’m a 4.2. I have really, really slender fingers. 😐

Little White Pouch also makes other types of jewelry made of 14k gold and precious/semi-precious stones. Here are a couple of my favorites from their Instagram account:

If you want to have some custom jewelry made, just follow and contact @littlewhitepouch on Instagram!

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