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Limited Series for Commitment-Phobes to Binge

You know what’s inconvenient? Being a commitment-phobe hit with the sudden urge to binge-watch. 

Especially during a hypothetical extended period of time when you have a social duty not to leave your house for the sake of the world. (Trying really hard not to mention the 2020 pandemic in this article, did you notice?) 

Thankfully, there’s now a remedy to this privileged dilemma. Thank fuck for two magical words: Limited. Series. 

What is a limited series? Well, it’s the pauso of the ever-enabler streaming giant, Netflix. According to our trusty friend, Wikipedia, a limited series “is a program with an end date and limit to the number of episodes each stated by release of the first episode.” 

Basically, it’s your regular television series, but with fewer episodes/seasons and a guaranteed beginning, middle, and well-thought-out end. Now, I don’t know about you, but as the begrudging owner of commitment issues the size of Russia, that the best sales pitch ever.

I like knowing that there’s an end to something before I go investing time and feelings. I don’t have the bandwidth to sit around for seven to eight seasons only to watch all forms of plot and character redemption get flushed down the drain of lazy writing (hello, Game of Thrones). If a show’s going to hit me with that sweet, sweet catharsis, I want it to do it quick and hard. Efficiency is key. 

If you’re just like me, then here are a few shows you can start with. 

1. Good Omens (For the Gays)

Good Omens Crowley and Aziraphale  illustration
Source: TheFandomentals.com

It’s by Neil Gaiman. It’s about a demon and an angel going against what society expects of them, loving each other (GAY!), and stopping the end times. If you like quirky, lighthearted, adventure-type stories with a dash of that trademark Gaiman eldritch vibes, give this baby a go.

2. Chernobyl 2019 (For the History Buffs)

Chernobyl 2019 screencap
Source: BusinessInsider.com

You know how the international community is watching their respective governments handle a global crisis poorly? Watching this one is exactly like that, but with better lighting, a hotter cast, plus you get the “moral lesson” handed to you by the end. Watch it, it’ll help you recognize which things in your real life should make you go “ah, so that’s a fuck-up.”

3. Gentleman Jack (For the Gay History Buffs)

Gentleman Jack image
Source: FilmSchoolRejects.com

Pretty lesbians in pretty petticoated gowns. Handsome lesbians in a smart hybrid of male and female clothing of the1800s. A lesbian love story with a happy ending. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of sappy, angsty, smutty, and a validation of the LGBT++ existence in “the olden times”, this historical drama based on the life of landowner and industrialist, Anne Lister is the perfect show for you. 

4. Don’t Fuck with Cats ( For the Murder Mystery Lovers) 

Don't Fuck with Cats screencap
Source: Refinery29.com

This true crime mini documentary series delves into the dark, weird, and stalkerish depths of the internet. How far can people go for the love of kittens? How entitled can a white man get? Find out the murderous answers with this show. It’s a ride. 

5. Watchmen (For the Comic Book Geeks and Superhero Lovers)

Source: TVLine.com

Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen is just the right of whimsy, badassery, and daring to tackle present-day issues. Maybe it isn’t as true to its source material, but it definitely captures the spirit of it with captivating originality. 

There you have it, my commitment-phobic friends. These are a few shows that can help you partake in the Ritual of the Binge-Watching without costing your emotionally stunted self too much. Go forth. Skip the commitment, enjoy the entertainment. 

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