A photo of the crowd at Mystival, held on September 23, 2023
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Mystival: A Historic Gathering of Filipino Mystics

On September 23, 2023, UP Diliman’s Balay Kalinaw transformed into a venue full of wonder and magic. Over 400 local enchantresses, sorcerers, spiritual practitioners, and curious souls gathered at Mystival: Magick Makers’ Market & Mystics Festival — the first event of its kind in the Philippines.

Mystival promotional poster

The event opened with a commencement ritual led by Maxene Magalona, a local TV personality and meditation instructor.

Mystival is a wonderful way to usher in an energy of courage, authenticity, and self-truth. Let’s collectively release anything negative that no longer serves us.”

Maxene Magalona

The festival featured an array of extraordinary items including oils, fragrances, candles, crystals, tarot and oracle decks, books, and more, as well as an array of spiritual services.

The venue’s ground floor served as the LightSeers‘ Rainbow Room, where they provided tarot and oracle readings, chakra diagnosing, and free public workshops on Psychism.

A photo of Jana of the LightSeers doing a tarot reading at Mystival

More healers offered their services on the second floor of the venue, such as Rishma Dhutti offering theta healing, Lex (the Wounded Healer) giving Angel Guidance, and Guru Tashi of Lakbay sa Diwa offering healing ceremonies. The Enlightened Guide offered not only spiritual guidance and services but also enchanted items like oils, protection talismans, and more.

A photo of Carl Cervantes, also known as Sikodiwa, at his booth in Mystival

Occultist and Psychologist Carl Lorenz Cervantes, also known as ‘@sikodiwa,’ imparted his vast knowledge to attendees through his zines and conversations that allowed them to peer into the labyrinthine corridors of his psyche.

A photo of Luna Medina (center) at the Luna Brujeria Mystival booth

The Philippines’ first occult bookshop, Luna Brujeria, displayed an impressive collection of esoteric books, deity statues, tarot decks, and even crystals. Popular card stockist Shelfscape was also there with limited card sets and divination coins. The legendary Lair of Morgana also made an appearance, after being sorely missed by patrons of the Reading Room in Cubao X.

A photo of Sabrina Palmares of Mustardworld painting a portrait at Mystival

Artists and craftsmen well-known in the mystical community also showcased their work. Guada Tagalog, an artist, life whisperer, and Reiki master, showcased meditation decks and the soothing energy of crystals. Sabrina Palmares of Mustardworld painted on-the-spot watercolor Mystical Creature Portraits and was an absolute crowd favorite.

A photo of the Miuccia Luxe Cakes booth at Mystival

The event offered a featured a selection of delicious vegan food courtesy of Miuccia Luxe Cakes, Greenery Kitchen, and Bahay Kubo Kitchen (whose plant-based Garlicky Tapa and Kaldereta sold out in just 2.5 hours).

These were not the only vendors and merchants present at Mystival; to read more about the rest, check out the Mystival Instagram account or Facebook page.

Inspired by fellow mystics and the LightSeers

“I knew I had to make Mystival happen. Because there were people out there who needed a place to be themselves.”

Len Beltran-Dorado, founder of Mystival

Len Beltran-Dorado, the event’s founder, envisioned Mystival as a mystical gateway to magic items, crystals, cards, and a hub for collective positive energy where mystics could have a place to be themselves.

Beltran-Dorado says she was inspired to push through with Mystival after meeting people who had similar mystical experiences as her at a Psychism 101 Workshop conducted by the LightSeers, a local group of spiritual practitioners who offer their aid and services to those in need for free.

Beltran-Dorado expressed her gratitude to those who joined this mystical journey, stating, “Thank you to everybody who took a chance with Mystival. It has been a dream to create a place and a collective for mystics and magic makers alike.”

To stay updated on upcoming enchanting activities and events, visit Mystival Philippines on Facebook or IG (@mystival.ph) or contact them at mystival.philippines@gmail.com.

All photos featured are from the official Mystival FB Page (except the photo of Len, provided by Henson Wongaiham.

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