Love and Deepspace Entwined Shadows trailer title card, featuring Zayne, Xavier, and Rafayel
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The Love and Deepspace Entwined Shadows Trailer has me SCREAMING

I have not played this game for a while, but after seeing the new Love and Deepspace Entwined Shadows trailer, I think I’ll be hopping back into it.

This is the first time we’re seeing an actual on-screen kiss that doesn’t fade to white or anything, and it has us all SCREAMING. The comments section on the YouTube video is going WILD:

YouTube top comments on the Love and Deepspace "Entwined Shadows" Trailer

As a “Zayne Girlie” myself, I had to peek at the comments thread in the top comment, and it’s pretty much what I expected it to be:

YouTube comments from "Zayne Girlies" on the Love and Deepspace "Entwined Shadows" Trailer

Can you really blame us all for going feral, though? JUST WATCH THIS SHORT AND YOU’LL UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN.


Honestly, Love and Deepspace is one of the most well-made otome games I’ve ever played to date. The graphics are beautiful, the combat and mini-games are all very well-made, the theme song is sung by none other than the brilliant Sarah Brightman. It’s not perfect; some of the writing si a bit corny, and the English voice acting isn’t the best (the Japanese voice acting is much better, IMHO). Everything else about the game is just so very polished! Compared to a lot of the other otome games available out there, Love and Deepspace really takes the genre to a whole new level.

I only stopped playing this game because leveling up and grinding for materials to progress through the story got a bit tedious for me. Plus, a lot of the really good content is only accessible via gacha game system, and I honestly never have the best of luck in games like that. (These are also the reasons I quit Genshin Impact, but that’s a different story altogether.)

I’m seriously considering playing Love and Deepspace again after seeing this trailer, though! I’ll have to calculate my budget for it like the boring, responsible adult that I am. 😂

EDIT: The Japanese Trailer has me screaming LOUDER

No offense to Zayne’s English VA, but I absolutely adore Takuya Sato as Rei! The way he says his lines here in this trailer is so…delicious. ❤️

Admittedly, I’m 100% biased in favor of the Japanese dub in general and I usually refer to the characters by their Japanese names (Rei, Seiya, and Homura). I just think the voice acting feels more authentic and natural in the Japanese dub than it does in the English version, overall!

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