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A New Magic Knight Rayearth Anime has been Announced!

A new Magic Knight Rayearth anime is coming, and I can practically hear my fellow millennial weebs squealing with glee!

New Magic Knight Rayearth anime promo image

The official X account for the Magic Knight Rayearth franchise announced “a new animation project” to celebrate the anime’s 30th anniversary, along with this gorgeous promotional photo and PV.

No other details about the new Magic Knight Rayearth anime has been shared thus far, but I’m really looking forward to it! Hopefully it’ll really do the original 90s anime and manga justice.

Magic Knight Rayearth was isekai, magical girl anime, and mecha anime all rolled into one

Magic Knight Rayearth was one of my favorite anime series growing up in the 90s. It’s really one of the classic isekai series from the 90s, right up there with Vision of Escaflowne and Fushigi Yuugi. I still remember the amazing OP song by Tamuura Naomi and the iconic Tagalog version.

Magic Knight Rayearth follows the adventures of three girls named Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi (Lucy, Anemone, and Marina in the Tagalog dub) after they get transported from Tokyo Tower to Cephiro, where they find out they’ve been summoned by Princess Emeraude to save her world. The anime’s first season features one of the biggest plot twists I ever experienced as an impressionable youth, and it has scarred me for life (in a good way, I guess).

90s poster art for Magic Knight Rayearth

What I absolutely loved about Magic Knight Rayearth is that the three main characters aren’t magical girls who transform and wield weapons like tiaras and wands — they wear armor, can use elemental magic, wield swords, AND pilot giant mech-like creatures. It really broke the stereotypes of magical girls at the time, and I loved it so much.

The original manga by CLAMP is also absolutely stunning to look at and read. I remember that a lot of us in my friend group often drew inspiration from Magic Knight Rayearth for our own stories and artworks. Good times!

The anime I watched growing up are getting remakes, new series, or merch…and I’m really not complaining. Sailor Moon Crystal and the Sailor Moon Eternal movies are pretty good. The 25th Anniversary Yu Yu Hakusho OVA episodes made me so happy and the Yu Yu Hakusho live-action movie honestly wasn’t bad, either. So while I tend to worry about remakes possibly ruining my good memories of my favorite anime, I feel hopeful about this new Magic Knight Rayearth anime. I hope we get more details soon!