Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom HG (1/144) assembled and posed with weapon
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Model Kits: My New Addiction

The first time I attempted to assemble one was back in grade school with a couple of friends. We each worked on different parts of it separately, and I think at some point we lost the poor thing’s head.

Fast forward to this year and you have me attempting to assemble model kits by myself.

First Attempt: Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom (HG)

1/144 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom; the kit includes Deathscythe’s signature weapon, of course.

I’ve always wanted to try assembling a Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom model kit, but I never really got around to buying it. It was my boyfriend’s interest in model kit assembly that gave me the push I needed to purchase a kit. He gave me a few basic tips, and I managed to put my D-Hell Custom with no mishaps or accidents.

I have yet to sand D-Hell and get rid of its seams, but it still looks pretty snazzy. My only problem with it is that it’s kind of hard to pose because its wings are too bulky and its other decorations get in the way too.

I found completing D-Hell to be quite enjoyable, so I went ahead and bought a few more model kits for good measure.

Second Attempt: BB-326 Sonshoko Gerbera

Senshi Sangokuden – BB-326 Sonshoko Gerbera; aside from the bow, the kit also comes with a naginata-like weapon and some paper cooking aprons (not shown in photo).

The next model kit on my list was a smaller-scale project: Senshi Sangokuden – BB-326 Sonshoko Gerbera (Sun Shang Xiang). This little cutie was really easy to assemble, and the bow weapon that doubles as a ribbon bow decoration really amuses me. The instruction pamphlet that came with this model kit also includes a mini-comic that shows how Sun Shang Xiang attempts to cook to impress her husband, Liu Bei.

Third Attempt: Gundam Nadleeh (HG)

1/144 Gundam Nadleeh; the kit also includes two beam swords (not shown in photo) in addition to the beam rifle and the shield.

My latest project was a 1/144 Gundam Nadleeh. It’s not 100% complete yet though; I still haven’t put in some of its parts yet, particularly the clear plastic pieces that are supposed to go in the orb-like portions. I also cut myself while assembling it, but when I was finished I thought it was well worth the pain. Nadleeh’s articulation is awesome.

I really hate those stickers that have to be put on the models. I’m seriously going to have to learn how to paint them so I won’t have to use the stickers anymore.

After finishing Nadleeh, I’m still itching to start assembling another model kit. I’m still wondering which one to go for next… maybe a GN Archer, or something else that has the same kind of articulation as Nadleeh.

On that note, I wish they’d release a Gundam Nadleeh Akwos kit already. Gah.

All three photos were taken by yours truly.

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