Gurren Lagann Nendoroid angry faceplate with rifle
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Nendoroid Series: Yoko

My boyfriend bought me an early birthday gift yesterday: a Nendoroid Yoko by Good Smile Company!

Gurren Lagann Yoko Nendoroid figure
Photo by El

Yoko comes with her signature rifle, three additional arms, two additional legs, her shooting goggles, an additional strap for her rifle, an angry face and an embarassed face. More pictures below!

My only problems with Nendoroid Yoko are that she’s kind of hard to attach to the stand when she’s holding the rifle or has it strapped to her back, the rifle strap seems to be a bit too short to fit around her torso (or maybe they made her boobs too big?), and the glasses seem to be aligned lower on her face than it shows on the box. I still really love her though; she’s just too cute! XD