Sylvanas Windrunner in World of Warcraft
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Sylvanas Windrunner’s New Voice in World of Warcraft

Sylvanas Windrunner in World of Warcraft

I’m not sure if this came with Patch 3.2 since I haven’t gone to Undercity in a while, but Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the leader of the Forsaken faction of the Horde, appears to have some new voice files. Her “greeting” lines remain the same (“What joy is there in this curse?”, “What are we if not slaves to this torment?” and so on), but now she sounds an awful lot like a robotic, synthesized version of Tyrande. Sorry, but that’s really what it sounds like to me.

I’m starting to wonder why Blizzard replaced her voice. I personally preferred her old voice; she sounded sexier and more authoritative before, and I didn’t mind that the voice files appeared to be directly lifted from Warcraft III. Now she just sounds…worn out and mechanical. And I’m not just basing this on her “greeting” dialogue; I went through the Battle for Undercity quest multiple times today because my crappy internet kept on disconnecting and I had to restart the quest a few times, and I just couldn’t seem to appreciate her new voice even after listening to it over and over.

Maybe I should to give it a week or so to grow on me. If it doesn’t…oh well. I guess I’ll just go play Warcraft III when I feel like hearing her old voice again.

[EDIT: Well, it’s been a more than week, and I still hate her voice. Agh. Blizzard, please bring Piera Coppola back, or at least find someone who sounds like her! …oh, and look, some people over at the official WoW forums actually complained about her new voice. I’m not the only one who thinks it’s horrible!]

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