Blood Elf hunter riding a blue drake in World of Warcraft
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Hoarding Achievements and Mounts

I played WoW for a few hours yesterday, and I got a crapload of achievements done. I started my game off by getting my Sons of Hodir reputation up to Revered, and buying myself an Ice Mammoth.

It was the first time I ever tried using the Random Dungeon tool by myself (i.e. not while in a party with my friends), and I was a bit tense about it. I’ve had some bad experience grouping with assholes (you know the type: the ones who spam Recount and call you a noob and blame everything that goes wrong in the run on everyone but themselves), so I tend to avoid grouping with people I don’t know… but it wasn’t so bad. I got to run through Utgarde Pinnacle during my first random of the day, which was a relief since I’ve run through UP enough times to remember where to go and what to do.

… and my job’s pretty easy anyway, since I’m a hunter and all I usually have to do is PEWPEW.

And I finally got to run through The Culling of Stratholme. I’ve been itching to go through it, if only for the awesome experience of… of… watching Prince Arthas Menethil slaughter innocents. Meh. I guess it’s not as great if I put it that way. Still, it was an epic lore moment that made me nostalgic for Warcraft III.

Blood Elf hunter turned human at Stratholm in World of Warcraft
My blood elf huntress looks kinda good with a tan, no?

I was disappointed that I didn’t win the Reins of the Bronze Drake that dropped. I sighed about it in guild chat, and one of my guildmates (Relickeeper) mentioned that he wanted a Blue Drake from the Oculus while he and a couple of other guildmates were organizing some random dungeon runs of their own.

A while later, my boyfriend (on his BE Paladin, Mordad)and two of our other guildmates (Save and Ceserae) partied up and queued for randoms. After waiting a looooong while to get a tank, we got into Oculus. The first tank we had was a moron who carelessly barreled through the mobs like he was invincible or something. Of course, he died, we wiped, and he bailed. We got a better tank later on, and we completed the dungeon.

Blood Elf hunter riding a blue drake in World of Warcraft
And guess what I got.

Woot! I guess I shouldn’t have felt so bad I didn’t get the Bronze Drake after all! I took the above screenshot at Wyrmrest Temple because… well, all those dungeon runs helped me get my reputation to Exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord, so I went to the temple to buy myself a Red Drake (haven’t taken a screenshot of it yet though, I’m still enamored with my Blue Drake ♥). Two drakes in one day FTW!

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