My World of Warcraft hunter with her Gondria spirit beast pet
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Spirit Beast Hunting: Finally, Gondria

I’ve been spazzing about this for the past few hours already, but I’m still giddy about it. My hunter finally tamed Gondria!

My World of Warcraft hunter with her Gondria spirit beast pet

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening looking for Gondria in Zul’Drak. When I logged in the first time today, I was just about ready to give up on looking for her and go back to doing my dailies… but a few moments later, I spotted her on my mini-map!

I was so excited to tame her that I didn’t notice that there was a Frost Leopard nearby, and it attacked me while I was taming Gondria. I haven’t played my BM spec for a while, so wound up making a lot of stupid mistakes because I didn’t remember my BM keybinds all that well. First, I accidentally placed an Explosive Trap instead of a Freezing Trap, so Gondria was attacking me continuously. Then, I attempted to Feign Death to drop aggro… but wound up Disengaging right into another Frost Leopard. Thankfully I managed to Feign Death when I was at around 20-30% HP.

After dropping aggro, I quickly ate (just in case some other mishap occurred during my second attempt), laid down a Freezing Trap, fired at Gondria to get her to pounce straight onto the trap, and finally tamed her. ♥

Now that I’ve trained Gondria and feel like going after the rest of the Spirit Beasts, I’ve decided to try and fix up my BM spec so that I can use it more often. It seems like a waste to collect the Spirit Beasts without being able to use them!

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