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Red Hood Shirt and Red Hood Poster with Stolen Logo

Remember that person who posted the Red Hood iPhone/iPod case with the Red Hood logo I made on it? He/She had the decency to delete his/her Tumblr page, and all the items on their Redbubble shop. While there was no attempt at a direct apology, I think the removal of the offending item/s (not sure if the other logos weren’t stolen from other people or not) is a good thing.

Sadly, I found a few more things on Redbubble with the same logo on them.

Red Hood logo shirt with stolen logo

This Red Hood logo shirt is being sold for $32.83. While I’ve been dying for a Red Hood shirt, that doesn’t make up for the fact the logo was stolen and used for purposes I never intended it for (a.k.a. putting it on an overpriced shirt and pretending it’s your own work).

Red Hood iPhone case / Red Hood iPod case with stolen logo

This one is available as a $23.31 Red Hood poster, or as a $39.30 iPod/iPhone case. No, kids, adding a different logo on top and/or cropping the stolen logo out does not make it okay to use other people’s work to make money.

I did a few more overlays for these cases as “evidence”:

Red Hood t-shirt / Red Hood iPhone case with stolen logo overlay

I contacted Redbubble about this again, and I’m just waiting to see their response. Their reply to the previous issue came a bit too late, since the thief removed the items by the time Redbubble got to my ticket. I hope they can remove these other items if the thief isn’t as quick as the previous one.

[EDIT: That was fast! Redbubble removed the products from there website, and said they contacted the user regarding the removal. Thank you, Redbubble DMCA team!]



Before anyone else decides to post a something as mean and insensitive as the comment above, please take some time to read this post by cornflakepizza on Tumblr. She is not connected to me or this blog whatsoever, but she still defended me (and other fan artists) when someone shot me a mean, ALL-CAPSed reply on Tumblr (the reply was promptly deleted after it received a lot of flak).

If you’re too lazy to click through, here, let me shove it in your face:


You clearly have no respect for artists. You seem to have no conception of the amount of time put into digital art and design. You have no idea how much work goes into ACTUALLY FUCKING DRAWING THINGS, which you seem to stupidly equate to your “tracing” over other people’s work and slightly changing colors in photoshop. This would be laughable if it weren’t so fucking disrespectful. Where the fuck did you think that bat symbol you “found on tumblr” came from? It didn’t just pop into existence on its own.

This has NOTHING to do with who “owns” a piece of work. It is already REALLY FUCKING OBVIOUS to everyone that the fanartist doesn’t “own” their work in the sense that DC Comics “owns” characters. No. This has to do with RESPECT and CREDIT and not being a dense, rude jerk when someone kindly asks you to stop making a profit over something they created and quite possibly slaved over.

I am really fucking tired of people taking advantage of artists who publish their work on tumblr for the enjoyment of fellow fans by reposting art without any credit, or changing the source link on posts in order to trick people into following them, or, as in this case, literally using other people’s work to make a profit. It is sickening.

Everyone: PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS CASE ON REDBUBBLE. Do not support someone who steals work and treats artists like this.

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