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The Sims 2 Shenanigans: Allan’s Nightlife

MMO Gamer Chick‘s recent posts about the Sims 3 Family Man Challenge reminded me about my own Sims 2 family man, Allan Greyjoy. I decided he needed to get back to work and father more children, so I brought him out to Verona Midsummer (my Veronaville‘s Nightlife area) to moonlight as a DJ and find some womenfolk.

Smustling sims filled the empty dancefloor shortly after DJ Allan took over.

Aside from managing to fill an empty dance floor with his mad DJ skills that night, Allan met his first vampire lady.

This is Contessa…something. I am seriously bad with names. Hopefully Allan’s memory is better than mine.

A few dances and relationship cheats phone calls later, the Contessa paid a visit to the Greyjoy home. Unfortunately, the first thing she did was turn Allan into a vampire.

“Sorry, but I don’t woohoo with men of a different species. Let me fix that problem for you.”

Allan let the Contessa move in despite all that, but he didn’t seem to like the idea of being associated with the likes of Edward Cullen.

Gypsy Matchmaker to the rescue!

Thankfully, vampirism can be cured with just one dose of Vamprocillin-D. I made Allan buy 10 bottles of the stuff, just in case the Contessa bites him again.

The Contessa didn’t try to bite Allan again (although she did try to bite some of his younger children, the crazy woman), and soon bore him his 31st child. I named the kid Alucard as a not-so-clever joke.

The Contessa and toddler Alucard in the Contessa’s private bedchamber

Aside from being raised by a vampire mother who kept trying to bite the household maid, Alucard’s childhood was pretty unremarkable.

But when I was just about to send him off to college, dear old mom decided to bite his neck.

“Time to live up to your namesake, son!”

So off to Academie Le Tour Alucard went, and I shoved him into a dorm with three of Allan’s other children (all college sophomores). I let his siblings have a little fun poking around his coffin during the day.

Alyssa takes a peek at her sleeping half-brother.
BOO! Alucard greets his terrified half-brother, Aurelio, who was taking Aslan up on a dare.

The Contessa’s still wandering around the Greyjoy house, but I’m really tempted to kick her out because she seems itching to bite EVERYONE now.

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