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Burning Nerdrage over Flame of Recca: Burning Evolution

This is an amazing game for long-time Flame of Recca fans like me, but there’s only one problem: THEY TERMINATED THE GAME IN APRIL 2013. So that’s why I’m so mad. THERE WAS A FLAME OF RECCA  MOBILE TCG AND I MISSED IT. Argh!

In July 2012, Mobage/Cygames released a game called Flame of Recca: Burning Evolution. From what I gathered, the character/weapon designs and story are faithful to the manga, and goes beyond what the anime version covered in terms of plot.

The roster is full of manga characters that never even made it into the anime. In the image above, Renge (top row, second) Flame Spirit Jisho (third), and J-Keeper (fourth) are some of the manga-only characters that appear in the game.

The cards’ artwork references specific panels in the manga. The character designs and color palettes also reflect the original ones Anzai Nobuyuki used. The anime deviated a bit from his designs—for example: Mikagami has brown hair in the anime, but has blue hair in the manga. Fuuko has red-violet hair and blue eyes in the anime, but has brown hair and green eyes in the manga.

As the name of the game implies, you get to “evolve” your cards by combining them and using Scrolls of Awakening. Above, you see the evolution from a basic Fuuko card to a Level 2 Fuuko card.

I still feel bad about not getting the chance to try this game, so I saved all the images I could find. Please feel free to peruse the rest of the images while I cry bitter tears in a corner.

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