Let’s Talk About Scents: Aromateria Solid Perfumes

I don’t remember when I first heard about Aromateria, but I remember seeing someone post about a solid perfume called “Arrakis” somewhere. I thought it was just some cleverly Photoshopped photo… but then I saw it at AC+632.

Instagram post showing Aromateria's Arrakis solid perfume

Aromateria is a Filipino brand of hand-made fragrances, solid perfumes, and bath/aromatherapy products. So far I only recall seeing their solid perfume, which caught my attention because of their names and packaging.

Aromateria's solid perfume collection

Notice any familiar names? (Image from Aromateria’s Facebook Page)

These solid perfumes draw inspiration from books, movies, bands, and comics. Even the short descriptions on each stick are written to reflect the source material. You can look at their full list of solid perfumes here.

I only sniffed a few testers and haven’t tested them on my skin, but the fragrances are pretty good! “Arrakis” is interesting—it’s as spicy as what you’d expect from a combination of black pepper, cardamom, rosewood, and amber. No wonder it’s named after the spice planet in Frank Herbert’s Dune! I bought it as a gift for my dad, who’s been a fan of the Dune series before I was even a twinkle in his eye. He hasn’t told me what he thinks of it yet, but the idea of a solid perfume inspired by one of his favorite book series seemed to entertain him!