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Tokiya Mikagami Fanart by Bryan Marvin P. Sola

Anyone who’s known me for a long time knows that I’ve always loved Tokiya Mikagami from the Flame of Recca series. I used to run Mizu no Kenshi, the largest and oldest Mikagami shrine ever (until I took it down this year, along with my other fansites). I used to collect the best pieces of Mikagami fanart I could find for that site’s fanart gallery,  but never have I ever seen anything as awesome as this:

Most of the fanart I’ve seen just mimic manga panels or emphasize his “girly” or “pretty boy” look, and so far this is the only piece that shows how BADASS Mikagami can be. And DEM BICEPS. And DAT LIGHTING. Just…wow.

Flame of Recca was pretty popular here in the Philippines, so I’m not surprised that it was a Filipino artist who produced such awesome fanart! Thank you, Bryan Marvin P. Sola! You’ve seriously done justice to this character and made this long-time Tokiya fangirl very happy!

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