Dumb Ways to Die plush toys
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Dumb Ways to Die Plush Toys Available Soon

It’s about time Dumb Ways to Die got an official toy line! These maimed cuties will be available for $5.99 to $99.00 in the first quarter of this year.

Dumb Ways to Die plush toys

I’ve been seeing a lot of unofficial Dumb Ways to Die toys being sold in our malls, and that really made me wonder why Melbourne Metro didn’t think of it first!

According to this Ad Age article, Metro General Manager-Corporate Relations Leah Waymark said they “never set out for this to be a goal and it certainly didn’t factor into anything around determining the creative, but countless people asked, ‘Where can I get the t-shirt?'” A lot of people interested in producing Dumb Ways to Die merchandise approached Metro, including t-shirt makers, toy makers, and people who produce TV shows.

Waymark said “…we narrowed it to what we thought would be most important, and that’s the brand integrity. This was not about finding another revenue stream. Finding a way to engage with people in different ways and keep the conversation alive was foremost.”

The toys will be manufactured by Commonwealth Toy and Novelty, a New York-based company that also produced merchandise for other popular games and TV shows, like Angry BirdsDuck Dynastyand Family Guy. Metro is still working with McCann to develop more content and find developers for the next version of Dumb Ways to Die.

News source: Dumb Ways To Die’s Cute, Maimed Characters to Hit Shelves as Huggable Toys

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