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Doodle Creatures Combo Guide

This is a more-or-less complete list of Doodle Creatures combos. I’ll keep updating this post with corrected combos as I continue testing them out. Feel free to post any combos I missed, or let me know if any of the combos I listed are incorrect! 🙂

Last updated: 9/21/2015

Creature Combo Category
Albatross Seagull + Big Big Birds
Anaconda Snake + Big Amphibians / Reptiles
Ant Mosquito + Hardworking Insects
Wasp + Small
Antelope Cow + Fast Wild Animals
Aphid Beetle + Small Insects
Bat Rat + Flying Forest/Jungle
Hamster + Flying
Bear Wolf + Big Forest/Jungle
Beaver Rat + Swimming Rodents
Hamster + Swimming
Bee Butterfly + Social Flying Insects
Butterfly + Hardworking
Beetle Ant + Big Flying Insect
Black Widow Spider + Poisonous Many Legs
Boar Pig + Horny Wild Animals
Butterfly Mosquito + Colorful Flying Insect
Hummingbird + Small
Camel Cow + Long Neck Domestic Animals
Cassowary Ostrich + Furry Big Birds
Cat Lion + Domestic Domestic Animals
Centipede Worm + Fast Many Legs
Chameleon Lizard + Colorful Amphibians/Reptiles
Cheetah Tiger + Fast Forest/Jungle
Lion + Fast
Chicken Parrot + Domestic Small Birds
Chinchilla Hamster + Furry Rodents
Chupacabra Dog + Bloodsucker Mystical Creature
Cockroach Beetle + Domestic Insects
Beetle + Fast
Coral Fish Fish + Colorful Fishes
Cow Hippo + Domestic Domestic Animals
Crab Beetle + Swimming Many Legs
Crayfish Crab + Long Tail Many Legs
Lobster + Small
Crocodile Monitor Lizard + Predator Amphibians/Reptiles
Deer Antelope + Horny Wild Animals
Dog Wolf + Domestic Domestic Animals
Cat + Social
Dolphin Grampus + Domestic Marine
Donkey Horse + Small Domestic Animals
Dove Chicken + Small Small Birds
Dragon Crocodile + Big Mystical Creatures
Lizard + Big
Dragonfly Butterfly + Swimming Flying Insects
Duck Chicken + Swimming Small Birds
Eagle Falcon + Big Big Birds
Eel Snake + Swimming Amphibians/Reptiles
Elephant Hippo + Big Big Animals
Elk Deer + Big Wild Animals
Falcon Duck + Predator Small Birds
Flea Frog + Insect Insects
Fly Horsefly + Small Flying Insects
Butterfly + Small
Flying Fish Fish + Flying Fishes
Flying Squirrel Squirrel + Flying Rodents
Fox Wolf + Colorful Forest/Jungle
Frog Lizard + Jumping Amphibians/Reptiles
Fur Seal Walrus + Furry Marine
Giraffe Horse + Long Neck Wild Animals
Goat Frog + InsectDeer + Small Domestic Animals
Cow + Small
Goose Chicken + Long Neck Big Birds
Grampus Shark + Colorful Marine
Grasshopper Beetle + Jumping Insects
Griffin Lion + Flying Mystical Creatures
Guinea Pig Frog + Insect Rat + Furry Rodents
Hamster + Furry
Hamster Frog + Insect Rat + Small Rodents
Hippo Pig + Big Big Animals
Horse Antelope + Domestic Domestic Animals
Horsefly Fly + Bloodsucker Flying Insects
Hummingbird Parrot + Small Small Birds
Hyena Cat + Predator Forest/Jungle
Jerboa Hamster + Jumping Rodents
Kangaroo Jerboa + Big Big Animals
Kashalot Whale + Predator Marine
Kiwi Chicken + Furry Small Birds
Koala Bear + Marsupial Big Animals
Ladybird Beetle + Colorful Flying Insects
Leech Worm + Bloodsucker Insects
Lion Cat + Big Forest/Jungle
Lionfish Fish + Horny Fishes
Lizard Snake + Fast Amphibians/Reptiles
Lobster Crayfish + Big Many Legs
Locust Grasshopper + Big Flying Insects
Mammoth Elephant + Furry Big Animals
Manatee Cow + Swimming Marine
Manticore Lion + Poisonous Mystical Creatures
Mantis Frog + InsectLocust + Predator Insects
Grasshopper + Predator
Manul Cat + Furry Domestic Animals
Mole Rat + Hardworking Rodents
Monitor Lizard Lizard + Big Amphibians/Reptiles
Monkey Koala + Long Tail Big Animals
Mosquito Ant + Bloodsucker Flying Insects
Ant + Bloodsucker
Narwhal Whale + Horny Marine
Newt Lizard + Swimming Amphibians/Reptiles
Ostrich Kiwi + Fast Big Birds
Panda Bear + Colorful Big Animals
Parrot Frog + InsectPeacock + Small Small Birds
Peacock Parrot + Big Big Birds
Pegasus Horse + Flying Mystical Creatures
Pelican Turkey + Swimming Big Birds
Pelican Eel Eel + Predator Fishes
Penguin Kiwi + Swimming Big Birds
Pig Guinea Pig + Big Domestic Animals
Frog + Insect Hippo + Small
Piranha Shark + Small Fishes
Fish + Predator
Polar Bear Bear + Big Marine
Rabbit Jerboa + Fast Rodent
Raccoon Fox + Colorful Forest/Jungle
Ram Sheep +Horny Wild Animals
Rat Hamster + Big Rodents
Rhino Hippo + Horny Big Animals
Roc Eagle + Big Mystical Creatures
Scorpion Spider + Long Tail Many Legs
Sea Dragon Anaconda + Big Mystical Creatures
Seagull Albatross + Small Small Birds
Dove + Swimming
Seahorse Horse + Swimming Fishes
Seal Manatee + Predator Marine
Shark Piranha + Big Fishes
Sheep Frog + Insect Ram + Domestic Domestic Animals
Goat + Furry
Shrimp Crab + Small Many Legs
Skunk Raccoon + Poisonous Forest/Jungle
Sloth Koala + Long Neck Big Animals
Snake Anaconda + Small Amphibians/Reptiles
Worm + Big
Sparrow Dove + Small Small Birds
Spider Ant + Predator Many Legs
Squirrel Hamster + Hardworking Rodents
Stag Beetle Beetle + Horny Insects
Swan Duck + Big Big Birds
Duck + Long Neck
Tarantula Spider + Furry Many Legs
Thorny Dragon Lizard + Horny Amphibians/Reptiles
Tiger Lion + Colorful Forest/Jungle
Turkey Chicken + Big Big Birds
Unicorn Rhino + Small Mystical Creatures
Walrus Elephant + Swimming Marine
Wasp Ant + Flying Flying Insects
Bee + Poisonous
Whale Dolphin + Big Marine
Whale Shark Shark + Big Fishes
Wolf Hyena + Predator Forest/Jungle
Woodpecker Parrot + Hardworking Small Birds
Worm Fish + Insect Insects
Snake + Insect
Wyvern Dragon + Poisonous Mystical Creatures
Zebra Horse + Colorful Wild Animals


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