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New Overwatch Hero: Ana Amari


So many people have speculated that a support sniper was coming along, and that it was going to be Ana Amari, and it turns out they were right! Based on this video (and this informative post on PC Gamer), Ana has several useful skills: A biotic rifle that fires both healing and damaging darts, biotic grenades that boosts allies’ healing while blocking opponents’ healing completely, and a sleep dart that knocks opponents down and puts them to sleep. And of course, there’s her ultimate: Nano Boost, which increases allies’ speed, damage, and resistance to attacks.

I’m also thoroughly amused by her whole badass/cool grandma vibe, as illustrated by her “silly little whippersnapper” face and playful shushing face below:

I’m now curious as to how members of the old Overwatch team will react to her reappearance, especially after watching the origin story video that Blizzard also uploaded today:

Many people speculated that the new support sniper would be Sombra, and that she would be one of the bad guys from Talon, but the origin story video above suggests otherwise. Is Sombra still going to be added to the roster sometime soon? But what would her role be if Ana is the support sniper? Who are those two people on the left and right of the screenshot below? Are they going to be new characters too? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Old Overwatch Team: Gabriel Reyes, Ana Amari, Jack Morrison, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjorn Lindholm, Angela Ziegler, Jesse McCree

Ana Amari’s debut doesn’t have a date yet, but hopefully Blizzard actually means it when they said “SOON”.

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