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LoL’s K-Pop Video is L I T

I’ve never actually played League of Legends, but I do enjoy the video content they put out, ESPECIALLY the latest music video for “POP/STARS”.

I’m not the biggest K-Pop fan, but this song is so catchy, and just LOOK AT THIS VIDEO.

And HOLY SHIT, that rap sequence at 1:21. I cannot get over it. I CANNOT.  The color and animation is amazeballs, and Akali moves like a such a goddamn badass. (I wish I could create high-res gifs of the whole thing, but I’ve yet to figure out how.)

K/DA Pop Stars Screenshot: Akali

I am so in love with this whole blacklight/neon effect for Akali that I basically screencapped all of it JUST BECAUSE.

K/DA Pop Stars Screenshot: Akali
I want that jacket, btw.
K/DA Pop Stars Screenshot: Akali
K/DA Pop Stars Screenshot: Akali

Riot Games has always done music videos incredibly well (see: Get Jinxed), and this one just proves it. I’m not sure how they’re going to top this one, but I’m looking forward to what they do next. Maybe I’ll even try playing the game at some point. :p

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