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I Won a Secretlab x World of Warcraft Chair!

Who would have thought this old World of Warcraft memory would help me win a Secretlab Horde chair?? I sure didn’t!

It all started with this contest held by the World of Warcraft SEA Facebook page. Being a writer who adores the lore of Warcraft and has fond memories of playing WoW, I figured why not give it a go?

My entry for the contest

They contacted the winners around 2 weeks later, and naturally, I chose the Horde chair. Sadly there were some unforeseen delays in delivering the chairs, so mine only arrived earlier this week. I’m honestly just glad it’s finally here!

The chair itself is pretty simple to assemble, but it’s heavy AF. I was not expecting the unboxing and assembling experience to be an impromptu workout! It also came with a black head pillow, but I hadn’t unpacked it when I shot this photo. I’ve never really invested money into a good high-end computer chair so my opinion probably doesn’t really matter, but this is the most comfortable computer chair I have ever owned. My butt and my back are grateful to have won this amazing prize, WoW SEA and Secretlab. They thank you very much.

I thought this achievement card that came with the chair was pretty cool, too.

So after assembling this gorgeous and gloriously comfortable chair, I was going to dispose of the ginormous box it came in. But it seems my cat, Levi, has claimed it as his new toy-slash-hangout spot:

I guess this box is staying with us a while longer.

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