Sin City and Some Expectations for A Dame to Kill For

Sin City 2005 posterIn light of the opening week of  Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, some cable channels have been showing reruns of the original Sin City movie, which was released waaaay back in 2005. I remember enjoying that film when I was a teenager, so much so that I watched it multiple times on VCD. So I said “Why not?” and sat myself down on the couch to watch it again,  just to see if it was still enjoyable or if I was being deluded by the fancies of my youth.

Interestingly enough, it was.

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The Magic of Rebecca Guay

I recently started playing Magic: The Gathering, and aside from obsessing over creating a viable Red-White Heal/Burn that’s legal for Standard matches (more on that insanity in another post), I’ve been collecting cards illustrated by Rebecca Guay.

Anyone who’s ever played MTG, especially those fond of using Green/White/Blue decks, should be familiar with Guay’s art. Her illustrations have been gracing MTG cards since the 1990’s, and her distinct, ethereal art style is hard to ignore.

Magic: The Gathering card - Regenerate, illustrated by Rebecca Guay

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Magic: The Gathering card - Elvish Piper, illustrated by Rebecca Guay

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Our Favorite Challengers

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (don’t forget to donate at has been dominating my Facebook feed lately, and every time I think I see the best challenge evar, someone else quickly comes along and dethrones them. So here’s a list of everyone I’ve declared to be the winner (in my personal opinion) of the Ice Bucket challenge, in the order they got named/dethroned.

Tom Hiddleston


To quote Isa: Thank god for white shirts.

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