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Idina Menzel singing Let It Go in Japanese on Ellen

Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go in Japanese

I don’t even mind how Idina Menzel’s accent butchers the Japanese lyrics (hey, let’s cut her some slack; it’s obviously her first time singing the song in Japanese). I bet she can sing the whole song way better than Takako Matsu did! If anyone wants the full Japanese

Talking Elcor plush

Delighted Squeeing: Talking Elcor Plushies Now Available

It’s about time we got some Elcor love! The big adorable baboos are now available in plush form, and they come equipped with several “deeply expressive phrases” delivered in the deadpan monotone Mass Effect fans have all grown to love. Don’t worry cute little baby, I’ll make sure

Gackt official hug pillow 2

Behold: An Undressable Gackt Hug Pillow

And it’s official merchandise too. Twitter user @vamparckt shared photos of an undressable Gackt hug pillow that came with the premium edition of his new single, Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS, and I’m torn between cringing and blushing like a teenage girl right now: “I tried undressing it little by little,”

The Young Elites White Dagger USB

Young Elites Giveaway!

  The Young Elites, a new novel by Legend author Marie Lu, is coming out on October 7 this year. Be one of the first to get a hold of this new book and an exclusive piece of merchandise by joining our giveaway! 😀 Giveaway has been extended

Magic: The Gathering card - Path to Exile, illustrated by Rebecca Guay

The Magic of Rebecca Guay

I recently started playing Magic: The Gathering, and aside from obsessing over creating a viable Red-White Heal/Burn that’s legal for Standard matches (more on that insanity in another post), I’ve been collecting cards illustrated by Rebecca Guay. Now collecting MTG cards with Rebecca Guay art on them.

Jennifer Hale stars in Commander Shepard: A Dramatic Reading

You’ll Never be Better than Commander Shepard

Fancy a dramatic reading by none other than Commander Shepard himself/herself? Filmmaker duo Sneaky Zebra just uploaded a video showing Jennifer Hale reading the lyrics of a song that tells us you can never be better than Commander Shepard: Then she  ends the entire thing with

Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come

A Tribute to Robin Williams

Of all the celebrity deaths in my lifetime thus far, this is the one that hurts the most. Mr. Williams, I have not seen all your films, but the ones I have seen have made me laugh, brought me to tears, and warmed my heart. I knew you would pass in