A screencap of Garrus and Female Shepard in matching armor
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Jane Shepard and Garrus Vakarian Tandem

A screencap of Garrus and Female Shepard in matching armor
As usual, I took these screenshots from my TV using my phone’s cam.

My Fem!Shep always has Garrus by her side, no matter what the circumstance… well, except the suicide mission where he had to lead the other teams. I’m too much of a Garrus fangirl to leave him idle in the Normandy while my Fem!Shep goes off on her missions, plus he’s pretty useful with his Overload and Armor Piercing Ammo skills.

Since they’re always together, I decided to customize my Fem!Shep’s armor and make it have the same color scheme as Garrus’. She’s also wearing a visor similar to his. I’ve always thought that Garrus’ visor looked cool, so I was really happy that there was one for Shepard.

The N7 Visor isn’t just for fangirl/aesthetic purposes though; I like aiming for my opponent’s heads, and the N7 Visor provides a bonus to headshot damage.

2 thoughts on “Jane Shepard and Garrus Vakarian Tandem

    1. I just tinkered with the Tint sliders at the Armor Customization console in Shepard’s room. There’s a shade of blue there that’s exactly the same tint as the blue of Garrus’ armor! 😀

      If you’re asking for something more specific, here’s a list of what I used:

      Tint 1: Leftmost color on slider (dark gray)
      Tint 2: Third color from the left (white)
      Pattern: Second pattern (stripes)
      Pattern Color: Rightmost color on the slider (blue)

      Hope that helps! 🙂

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