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Figure Review: Alathena Moonbreeze with Sorna

When I saw this beauty at the back of a video game store, I couldn’t help but buy her. I’ve wanted her the moment DC Unlimited listed her on their website, so I was really happy I managed to find her there.

Alathena Moonbreeze with Sorna (Night Elf Hunter) is part of Series 5 of DC Unlimited’s World of Warcraft Action Figures.

The prototype Alathena in the photo shown on the DC Unlimited website had white hair. I was disappointed that they suddenly changed it to blue, but I guess it isn’t so bad.

What I like about this figure compared to some of the other WoW figures I’ve seen is Alathena’s dynamic pose. When you look at her, you’d really think that she just loosed an arrow just a few seconds ago!

Alathena’s eyes and lips are gorgeous. Her eyebrows are a bit too short for a Night Elf, which I thought was odd, seeing as Quin’thalan Sunfire, a blood elf, retained his long eyebrows. Maybe Alathena’s eyebrows would have been too thin, and might be more prone to damage? I guess we’ll never know. 😐

Hello, Sorna! In case anyone’s wondering what kind of Bird of Prey Sorna is, I think he’s one of those grey Strigid Owls from Teldrassil.

I love Alathena’s quiver! Makes me wish my Blood Elf Hunter had something like it.

The top part of her bow was the only part that was included as a separate piece; I suppose it was a precaution to prevent it from breaking, or a way to make her fit in the standard-sized packaging. I had no problems assembling Alathena’s weapon, unlike Tamuura’s sword, which gave a lot of people problems.

Just looking at the details on DEM ABS AND HIPS her armor and musculature makes me really, really happy I decided to buy her.

HMM, ASS. …wait, what was I going to say again? Sorry, Alathena seems to be bringing out my inner fanboy. She’s just that hot, I guess.

I took pictures of the figure’s base and Alathena’s boots, but I realized too late that they were horribly dark and blury. Might take follow-up shots soon, but for now these shots will do.

I now have two WoW figures in my collection (the other one being Tamuura the Draenei Mage). I feel like such a traitor to my faction now. I’d better buy a Horde figure soon. Maybe Quin’thalan Sunfire, since my main is a blood elf.

Or maybe I should just wait for the Sylvanas Windrunner figure to come out. ♥

One thought on “Figure Review: Alathena Moonbreeze with Sorna

  1. I know how you feel. XD Initially I just had 1 Horde Figure (Zabra Hexx) and 2 Alliance (Tamuura and Sister Benedron), then I saw the Undead Warlock, and I immediately cast Death Grip!

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