Garrus and Female Shepard fan art by Irma Ahmed

I Love You, Aimo

I’ve been stalking Malaysian artist Irma Ahmed (also known as Aimo) on her DeviantArt account lately for two very good reasons. 1) I think that her artwork is great, and 2) she has the best fanart and fanmade comics for two of my current fandoms (Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect) that I have ever seen so far.

Recently, she posted her take on what happens right after the final Garrus Vakarian romance cutscene, and it’s absolutely adorable.

Thank you, Aimo, for making my fangirl fantasies come true. Be sure to check out her website and/or her dA page to see more of her amazing artwork!

11 thoughts on “I Love You, Aimo

        1. Because it was in brackets, ‘fanguysqueal’ got cut from my previous response.

          Just, you know, for the sake of full disclosure. cough

          1. Oh. OHHHH. Didn’t think I’d get a “fanguy” actively posting comments on my blog! Welcome, good sir! XD

          1. Well, I’ve not yet played DA:O, so its awesome is currently lost on me.

  1. Well, us happily married, heterosexual males can give credit where credit is due – BioWare writes some pretty sexy ladies and dudes, and its fun to talk about their relationships.

  2. Well, I’m only halfway through ME2 right now, so – priorities! Insane is hard but massive fun, the one down side being it takes a little more dedication to get through the game. Also, I’m a crazy completionist.

    As for the fanguy bit… pffft, I’m certain there’s alot out there, we’re just not suppose to talk about our feelings, ya know? But I don’t care – nerding out on the internet about fictional characters’ relationships is just too damn fun to not do.

  3. aahhhh duplicate posts – that’s what I get for thinking The Machine had eaten them!

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