Garrus and Female Shepard fanart: The Calm by Aris Ravenstar
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Garrus Fanart: Aris Ravenstar’s “The Calm”

A few months ago, I posted a couple of Garrus fanart that I found around the net. One of them is this beauty of a sketch, which I found on 4chan:

Garrus and Shepard by Aris Ravenstar

As anyone who’s ever been on 4chan knows, the images posted there are often unsourced. I was left wondering who the heck was behind the piece, and hoped that someone who knew would come along and enlighten me. No one did.

Eventually, I shared a link to the Garrus fanart post on Brandon Keener’s Facebook Wall. Someone found the link, and recognized this unsourced piece. It was none other than the artist herself: Aris Ravenstar. She informed me that this is a work-in-progress that she originally posted on the BioWare Social forums.

And earlier today, she provided me with a link to the finished piece. IT BLEW ME AWAY.

Garrus and Female Shepard fanart: The Calm by Aris Ravenstar
“Take that last chance to find some calm just before the storm.” – Garrus Vakarian

Correction: it still blows me away. The details in this piece are amazing.

If you’ve become just a big a fangirl of Aris Ravenstar’s artwork as I have, visit her at She just opened it today, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work!

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