DC Unlimited: Sylvanas Windrunner figure - face close up
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Figure Review: Forsaken Queen: Sylvanas Windrunner

Oh god. I can’t believe how long this figure took to come out! I’ve been waiting for her since July, but I only got her a couple of weeks ago when the boyfriend decided to buy her for me.

Forsaken Queen: Sylvanas Windrunner is part of Series 6 of DC Unlimited’s World of Warcraft Action Figures. And she is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous female World of Warcraft figure DC Unlimited has come up with thus far, trumping even the beautiful Alathena Moonbreeze. The image of this figure’s prototype on the official DC Unlimited site does not do it justice at all.

The first thing I noticed about her is how beautiful her face is. It’s quite different from the prototype version – the shape of her lips seems to have been refined, and the shape of her face seems narrower and more defined.

Like Alathena,  Sylvanas has eyebrows that are far too short for her race,  as opposed to Valeera’s and Quin’thalan’s (his brows look like horns, lol).

Her right arm is adjustable (it has a joint right at her elbow, just at the base of her gauntlet), allowing you to get a clearer view of her face:

I noticed that there are stray bits of blue paint on her hood and a weird gap between her hair and her quiver’s strap. And I also noticed that while she has that strap across her chest, she isn’t carrying a quiver at all. The first two are rather trivial mistakes compared to the awesomeness of the rest of the figure, but not including the quiver (even though that strap is there) is just plain silly.

Anyway. The next things I noticed about this figure were the her skin (which, thankfully,  isn’t a horrendously bright shade of bright blue like the image on the official website has) and her perfectly-sculpted abdomen.

Dayum, woman. How do you stay so sexy even though you’re undead?

Sylvanas’ abs aren’t the only nicely-detailed portions of this figure. Here are some pictures of her armor, weapon, and cape, as well as the figure’s base to show you what I’m talking about:

Holy crap, those heels look deadly. And painful. These were just added for aesthetic purposes, though – Sylvanas’ in-game model and concept art image do not have these heels.

I really can’t express how impressed I am with this figure, regardless of the imperfections it has. I admit that I just may be biased because Sylvanas is my favorite Warcraft character, but come on. You have to agree that this figure is gorgeous.

And if you disagree, I leave you with this obligatory “dat ass” image. Hopefully it will convince you to change your mind:

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