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Cao Pi Returns In Dynasty Warriors 7

Most of the images in this post were shamelessly pilfered from Destructoid and Koei’s Facebook page, but I’m fangirling all over this so hard that I’m way past caring.

Dynasty Warriors 7 screencap: Cao Pi

It’s official: Cao Pi is confirmed to be returning in the seventh installment of the Dynasty Warriors series.

I told a friend that I was going to end my long-withstanding relationship with Koei (I’ve happily been enjoying their Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games for the past six years of my life) if they don’t include Cao Pi in their upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7. Now that this news is out, I think I’ll be a Koei fangirl for a bit longer.

Initially, there were rumors that this guy was Cao Pi:

Dynasty Warriors 7 character art: Sima Shi

…but I couldn’t believe it. No way. He looks too… eww. I mean, look at that ridiculous hair. And his colors are all wrong. Cao Pi doesn’t wear that horrible shade of aqua. And he never wore a weird eye ornament either. You can only imagine how relieved I was when Koei revealed that this is Sima Shi (from the new Jin faction), not Cao Pi.

It took Koei so long to confirm Cao Pi’s presence in Dynasty Warriors 7 that I was afraid that they wouldn’t include him in the game at all. But here he is, in all his princely glory, with his hair restored to its original length (though I was actually quite fond of the short-haired Cao Pi in Dynasty Warriors 6):

Dynasty Warriors 7 character art: Cao Pi

Thank you, Koei.  Thank you for bringing my favorite male DW character back and not giving him weird hair or an outfit that would make one question his sexual orientation. Like what you did with poor Zhou Yu and Ling Tong. I feel so sorry for Wu now.

Dynasty Warriors 7 screencap: Cao Pi

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that the real Cao Pi was a bit of an asshole. I do not endorse nor condone the real Cao Pi’s actions, especially what he did to his wife. I just really like his more noble incarnation in the Dynasty Warriors series, and that is all.

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