Screencap of Hilde in Soul Calibur V
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Hilde Returns in Soul Calibur V

So that wish I made in my previous SoulCalibur-related post came true: Hilde is making a comeback in Soul Calibur V!

Hilde SoulCalibur V character art

Wow, Hilde had a haircut! And that white griffon on her banner made me think that she joined the Grey Wardens. LOL. Seriously though, what happened to the Wolfkrone regalia she was wearing before?

Her banner and armor are obviously bird/griffon-themed now (I can’t say I’m a fan of that crazy-looking visor), and I can’t help but wonder what happened in Wolfkrone…

Hilde and Siegfried SoulCalibur V character sketches

…or what happened in the Holy Roman Empire in general, for that matter. I mean, first we had Siegfried with the old Schwarzwind members in the background, and now we have Siegfried and Hilde TOGETHER in one shot, with both of them wearing bird/griffon-themed armor sets! What’s happening here? Is there some sort of war going on in the Holy Roman Empire? Are they both part of the same faction or resistance group? Am I reading into this too much?

I have so many questions and speculations about this entire thing, and I have to wait ’til 2012 to get answers! ARGH.

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