Screencap of Hilde in the Soul Calibur website
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Hilde is with Schwarzwind, and I am Beside Myself with Glee

I really have to learn how to manage my time properly so I can keep up with everything I’m actually interested in. Thanks to Sims Social, I’ve pretty much lost time for…everything else.

Anyway, this is even MORE Soul Calibur V squeeing from me. I recently checked out the official Soul Calibur website, and I found something that made me go all bug-eyed with my mouth open in a silent “OMG.”

Screencap of Hilde in the Soul Calibur website

“Her father went missing seventeen years ago. currently she resides with the mercenary group Schwarzwind.”

Holy jeebus. That confirms my theory that Schwarzwind, that mercenary gang Siegfried used to run with in his teenage years, is making a comeback, and that some sort of war or battle (to win back the Wolkrone Kingdom) is occurring in the Holy Roman Empire. With Siegfried being drawn with Schwarzwind members in the background AND with Hilde in matching bird/griffon-themed armor, then it’s highly possible that Siegfried is back with his old crew, and Hilde’s coming along for the ride. Or is Siegfried the one coming along for the ride to help the only person who openly forgave him for his sins…?

I can’t believe it. My fandom’s canon is actually starting to align with my fanon. Can you really blame me for getting all excited about this game all over again at 1:40 in the morning?

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