A screenshot of the end game portrait for the female Demon Hunter in Diablo III
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Diablo III: El’s Latest Adventures in a Nutshell

Diablo III has been eating up a lot of my free time, especially since my boyfriend bought copies of Reaper of Souls for both of us. And because I am terrible at taking screenshots/videos, allow me to share the few highlights I did manage to capture.

1. My Demon Hunter’s Wardrobe Evolution

Screenshots of custom Diablo III Demon Hunter armor sets

…yeah, I think she’s going through a “minimalist” phase right now.

2. I Actually Started Taking a Melee Class Seriously

A screenshot of a Diablo III Crusader

I leveled my Crusader all the way up to 70 before I even managed to get my other characters (aside from Demon Hunter) to 60. I blame Mary Elizabeth McGlynn‘s voice for this entirely.


A screenshot of Whimsyshire in Diablo III

I was a Cow Level virgin when my boyfriend dragged me to Whimsyshire. Oh, the humanity.

4. My Demon Hunter Blasts Cute Animals into Oblivion

A screenshot of a Demon Hunter from Diablo III inside Whimsyshire

“Darkness awaits you!” quoth she, before eagerly devouring the delectably glowing cupcake.

5. Is That a GoT/ASOIAF Reference?

A screenshot of "Clawgane, The Mountain" a possible Game of Thrones reference in Diablo III

Exhibit A: “Clawgane” sounds familiar
Exhibit B: “The Mountain” also sounds familiar
Exhibit C: Burning house…didn’t someone’s face get burned?
It’s a pretty obvious reference to Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, no?

6. I Really Like the End-Game Portraits.

I’m probably going to take pics of my monk and wizard as soon as they complete Reaper of Souls, too.

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