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Ransom Riggs Book Signing – Manila

I went to a book signing National Bookstore hosted for Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and Veronica Rossi last April 26, at the Glorietta Activity Center.

National Bookstore Book Signing event poster

The book signing was scheduled for 2 PM, and the registration scheduled at 10 AM. I arrived at Glorietta at about 10:15 AM, but the line was already longer than I expected. I actually had to wait for an hour and a half to get registered.

When I got to the registration booth, participants were allowed eight books each to be signed. After awhile, it went down to two books, which sucked for the other participants who were toting around book-filled luggage.
Fortunately for them, the organizers became unconcerned about limiting the books the longer the event went. I actually saw other participants coming and going to the registration booth often enough that when I was getting too bored, I did the same. I got another book from the sales booth, and got it registered as well.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that. Even though it was the graphic novel for Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, it wasn’t interesting enough for me. I quickly got bored and started staring listlessly at nothing again.

A photo of the book signing event at Glorietta

As I said, the event was scheduled to start at 2 PM, but it actually started at 3 PM. The authors were interviewed, and after that, I had to wait another four hours to get the book signed. By the time I got on stage, I was too tired to answer Ransom Riggs properly when he asked me how I was. I think I said “Hi” and “Thank You,” but other than that, I kept smiling like a fool that he even said “Yeah. I know it’s funny.”

Although I can claim that I was too tired after waiting for eight hours straight, I think I’m actually bad at meeting people I admire. When I went to an album signing before, I was all smiley and spacey, and forgot I could talk too. (LOL)

Anyway, even though it was fun, I think I won’t be going to anymore book signings. I don’t have the commitment level other fans have. I can’t camp out from 2 AM and still wait for the event to end. I think waiting around to get two or three books signed for almost an entire day is too much for me.

Well… unless it’s for Minekura Kazuya-sensei’s works. LOL.

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