Garrus Vakarian limited edition figure by Gaming Heads - front view
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Hello, Gorgeous: Gaming Heads’ Garrus Statue Now Available for Pre-Order

You didn’t think I’d forget about our favorite Mass Effect alien companion despite all my hatred for Mass Effect 3, did you?

Gaming Heads just threw me a gentle reminder about my love for Garrus Vakarian by creating this gorgeous 21-inch limited edition statue of everyone’s favorite turian and putting it up for pre-orders:

Garrus Vakarian limited edition figure by Gaming Heads

Here’s part of the blurb from Gaming Heads:

Gaming Heads is proud to present Garrus from the hit series Mass Effect. Garrus is stood in his trademark armor, armed with the Incisor Sniper rifle that is featured in the game. Garrus stands at an incredible 21 inches tall (1/4 scale), making for a simply awe-inspiring collection centerpiece for any fan of the Mass Effect series.

Based on the photos, it’s pretty easy to tell why the figure costs a hefty $329.99. Look at that detail!

This statue is also limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, so that would understandably drive up the price!

If you’re seriously interested in this statue (I am, but I will restrain myself), Gaming Heads offers a three-month payment plan to make it easier on your wallet/bank account.

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