Magic the Gathering War of the Spark trailer screenshot: Liliana Vess
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I Am Still Not Over the War of the Spark Trailer

I have not actually played Magic the Gathering in a LONG time, but this trailer makes me wonder if I should attend the next pre-release.

First of all, that music is amazing, and I cannot believe we have not heard of it since the original upload on YouTube has been up since March 2018. You are doing the good work, Timothee Profitt, Jung Youth, and Fleurie. Holy shit.

And that animation. I did enjoy most of the other trailers for MTG, and I appreciated how they would animate the art on their cards in creative ways. But this trailer is way, way different from anything else they’ve released thus far.


I have so many feelings about this trailer, I can’t even. And I think everyone is just as stunned and amazed as I am – the YouTube upload is sitting at 5.4M views, and it was only uploaded yesterday.

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