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Devilishly Stylish: A Devil May Cry 5 Screenshot Dump

This was supposed to be a review of Devil May Cry 5, but beyond saying the game is SO MUCH FUN and that DANTE IS SO SHAMAZING and V IS NOW MY NEWEST SON, I really don’t have anything relevant to contribute to the conversation. I mean – it’s rated 9.5 on IGN, reviews are Very Positive on Steam, it scored a 90 on Metacritic, Kotaku calls the game a “firework”… the list of positive reviews goes on and on.

So let me just share some eyecandy c/o the game’s photo mode with y’all so I can get back to making Dante grind for some red orbs and beating the crap out of the rest of the game’s modes.

Let’s start off with some scenery because the game has absolutely visuals and lighting. My graphics aren’t even on max, but everything still looks really, really good.

Have I mentioned that V is my son? Yes? Yes. He’s not the prettiest boy in bunch, but hey – he knows how to work that lighting.

V’s gameplay is also fantastic. I wondered how enjoyable a “summoner” class would be in a game known for quick action, but CAPCOM managed to make his gameplay just as fun and action-packed as Nero’s and Dante’s.

Speaking of Nero, he’s the easiest to play as compared to V and Dante, and those Devil Breaker skills are fun to play around with. And just look how happy he is when he fights. What a bb.

And of course, the real star of this whole affair.

Dante is just wicked fun to play as, as expected. He’s got 4 different combat styles and a huge arsenal of weapons, which includes a goddamn motorcycle that splits into two chainsaw-like weapons. Why? Because. Just because.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go kick some demon ass. Let me just leave you with some actual footage of Devil May Cry series fans celebrating this fantastic game:

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