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2021 Recap: My Year in Mobile Gaming

I did a more mobile gaming than PC gaming this year! Here are the mobile games that made the stress of lockdowns, quarantines, and work mayhem a little more bearable the past year.

Helix Waltz

Helix Waltz screenshot

I’ve always been a sucker for dress-up games, and Helix Waltz is one of the prettiest I’ve seen on mobile. The story and writing could use a lot of work (and a lot of editing, tbh), but I’m really just here for the aesthetics.

Adorable Home

Adorable Home screenshot

Adorable indeed! Adorable Home is beautifully drawn and features neat furniture designs, not to mention super cute kitties. It’s pretty chill to play, although the mini games that involve trimming your cat’s nails, petting them, and giving them a bath can be a bit challenging. It’s also LGBTQIA+ friendly, too!


Cats & Soup screenshot

I’m obviously a sucker for hand-drawn style artwork. Unlike Adorable Home‘s mostly static visuals though, Cats&Soup is also animated pretty well. The mini games are also much, much easier.

AFK Arena

AFK Arena screenshot

AFK Arena has been a staple on my phone for a few years now! I love this game’s character designs, and true to its name, it’s quite easy to power up your team even if you’re mostly AFK.

Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes screenshot

Mythic Heroes is a blatant copycat of AFK Arena in terms of gameplay, but I still like it anyway! Instead of having their own line up of original characters, this game uses their own interpretations of heroes and deities from mythology and folklore. I’m always drawn to stuff based on mythology and folklore, but some of the character designs make me squint. Athena in a bra armor, are you kidding me??

That’s it for the mobile games that kept me sane in 2021! Have you played anything in my list? What do you think of it? Lemme know in the comments!

This post is the first in my 2021 Recap series, where I talk about the stuff I was supposed to post about but kept forgetting to. Stay tuned for the next post!

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