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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Scar Update and Root Beer Recipe

The Scar update for Disney Dreamlight Valley just dropped, and I’m just so happy to see one of my favorite Disney villains in the game!

screenshot from disney dreamlight valley of player character with scar

Sadly, Scar’s voice actor in this game, James Horan, sounds nothing like Jeremy Irons. I suppose it was a bit much for me to expect that Jeremy Irons would reprise his role as Scar for a Gameloft game, but I couldn’t help but hope.

The Scar patch also comes with some new options for photo mode! You can now set your character’s poses and facial expressions. I’m happy to have more control over my shots!

disney dreamlight valley screenshot elephant graveyard night

I’m not too far into Scar’s questline just yet, but thus far I’ve seen the inside of his house in the Elephant Graveyard, as well as a new cave-type area to explore called the Vitalys Mines.

disney dreamlight valley screenshot of player character talking to scar

Inside Scar’s house, you can find a pretty funny journal fragment:

disney dreamlight valley screenshot of ruler journal fragment found in scar's house
Scar? Extremely bitter? Where is the lie?

I’ve also unlocked a new Dreamlight Valley recipe – Root Beer! You get the recipe book from Merlin as part of the quest, but for quick reference, you can make it with ginger, sugarcane, and vanilla.

disney dreamlight valley screenshot of player character cooking root beer recipe

To make the Extra Fizzy Rootbeer recipe for the quest, you just have to swap out the regular ginger for the Dried Ginger that Merlin gives you.

I’ll be continuing Scar’s questline from tonight until tomorrow!

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