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Some Pokemon Scarlet Bugs That Cracked Us Up

It’s not news that Pokemon Scarlet is riddled with bugs, and that Nintendo finally admitted it and started releasing patches to fix them earlier this month. I don’t actually play Pokemon anymore, but an officemate sent our company’s gamer group chat some images and videos, and they’re pretty hilarious.

All images and videos were sent in by Abby Santos.

Gravity-Defying Pokemon

Screenshot of bug in Pokemon Scarlet: floating Pokemon

Ah yes, nothing like being greeted by non-Flying Pokemon that seem to be defying gravity.

Into the Mountain

I’ve read about Pokemon appearing wedged halfway into rocks and stuff in the game, and this shows a similar bug wherein the character can basically wedge themselves and their mount into the side of a mountain.

And apparently, this character blacked out shortly after doing trying to go into the mountain this way. Go figure.

Water Distortion Gone Wrong

It makes sense for a Pokeball to look slightly distorted while underwater, but this is ridiculous.

The Elusive Invisible Koraidon

Abby was particularly excited about finally experiencing this invisible Koraidon bug, and it’s arguably the silliest-looking bug she’s shared with us thus far.

While these Pokemon Scarlet bugs have been a source of entertainment for us, I really do hope they all get fixed so that players can enjoy the game to the fullest.

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