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Hades II is so WITCHY and I am absolutely here for it

I was just talking to a fellow Hades fan the other day about how we wished Supergiant Games would create a sequel… AND HOLY SHIT HERE IT IS.

I’m sure the game looks amazing even for those who aren’t so knowledgeable about Greek mythology and witchcraft, but as a fan of the first game and eclectic witch who draws a lot of inspiration from Greek religion I AM FREAKING OUT.

Witchcraft and Greek Mythology

Witchcraft is integral to numerous Greek myths, including some of the most famous, as well as many that inspired the original Hades and of course this sequel. Central to this ancient and oft-feared and misunderstood practice is Hecate, the secretive goddess of witchcraft and the crossroads. She plays a significant role in classical mythology surrounding Hades and the Underworld, and has been an influential and deeply compelling figure in witchcraft, myth, and folklore in a variety of cultures for thousands of years… so much so that we felt we needed a whole new game to try and do her justice.

– from the Hades II FAQ on Supergiant Games’ website

Hecate and the rest of the Greek pantheon have been becoming popular again as of late, thanks to more people exploring witchcraft and other pagan things (especially during the lockdown). And of course, there are so many games out there that just grab Greek gods and quickly spit out poorly-designed/stereotyped/highly sexualized characters based on them. Supergiant Games has been doing an amazing job of interpreting the Greek pantheon in a creative yet well-researched way, and it looks like their take on Hecate looks like an absolute badass.

Hecate in Hades II

Thanks to Supergiant Games’ attention to detail, I recognized Hecate immediately even before reading the FAQ or the list of voice talents in the video description.

Hades II Trailer screenshot of Melinoë sparring with Hecate

The first things I noticed were the pointy hat and the dual-wield torches. Now the pointy witch hat isn’t actually a Greek thing, but it definitely signaled that this character is at the very least a witch. The torches were really what screamed “Hecate!” at me because, in classical art, she’s usually depicted with at least one torch in hand.

Hades II trailer screenshot of Hecate

Then there are the armor pieces. Hecate is said to have three faces, and I love how they placed the two faces on her pauldrons instead of going the literal route by putting three faces on her head. She also bears the symbol of the triple goddess on her chest. This symbol, again, is not specifically a Greek thing, but it is strongly associated with Hecate and witchcraft.

Hades II trailer screenshot of Hecate instructing Melinoë

Melinoë’s weapons are also extremely witchy because they appear to be an athame and a crescent-shaped boline — both ceremonial knives used in Wiccan traditions. As far as I know you’re NOT supposed to use those knives to inflict harm or cut flesh, but this is a combat-focused fantasy game and I ain’t complaining.

Apollo, God of Light

And aside from all the witchy things about the new protagonist and Hecate… MY BOY APOLLO IS FINALLY IN THE GAME!

Hades II trailer screenshot of Apollo, God of Light

Apollo is my favorite Greek god, so I am so happy they FINALLY included him in Hades 2! And yet again they put so much research and attention to detail into his design with all the laurel leaves (the laurel tree is sacred to Apollo), gold elements, and a weapon that combines two of his sacred symbols: the bow and the lyre.

The trailer shows him speaking one line (“Least I could do is light your way down!”), and even gives a sneak peek of his boons:

Hades II trailer screenshot of Melinoë and Apollo's boons
  • Nova Strike – Your attacks deal more damage in a larger area.
  • Blinding Sprint – Your Sprint is faster and inflicts Daze on nearby foes.
  • Clarifying Light – While standing in your Casts, gradually restore Magick.

“Sprint” and “Cast” are familiar terms from the first Hades game, but “Daze” and “Magick” are new. I’m assuming that “Daze” is a status effect that either stuns or blinds opponents, and that “Magick” is a resource much like mana that Melinoë will use to activate her abilities.

I also love the fact that they call Apollo the “God of Light” and not the “Sun God” in the game. While Apollo is currently associated with the sun (like how his sister Artemis is associated with the moon), the original Sun and Moon deities in Greek myths were Helios and his twin sister Selene. Over the centuries the myths about the two pairs of siblings conflated and merged. While it’s not incorrect to call Apollo and Artemis sun and moon deities, that’s not all that they are. It’s nice to see them being called “God of Light” and “Goddess of the Hunt” since those are truly what they were before being conflated with Helios and Selene.

Moros, Nemesis, Kronos, and… Dora

Moros and Nemesis also make an appearance in the trailer. Like Nyx and her children Thanatos and Hypnos, they’re more personifications or incarnations of concepts rather than gods/goddesses-of-something. Given this, they probably won’t be offering boons to Melinoë but maybe they’ll be offering trinkets and aid instead.

Kronos is mentioned in the trailer, but never shown. The fact that he seems to be the primary antagonist makes me hope we’ll actually see him and maybe even the other Titan gods in the game.

And then we have… Dora. She kind of reminds me of Dusa in the first Hades game, though her character design isn’t quite as unique so I can’t tell what the role will be in the game.

Hades II trailer screenshot of Dora, Listless Shade

Early Access in 2023

There’s no official release date for Hades II yet, but the FAQ page on the Supergiant website says We can “Expect more information on Hades II Early Access sometime in 2023.”

Until then, I think I will keep watching this trailer on repeat.

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