A screencap of Garrus Vakarian from mass Effect 2
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Garrus Vakarian, You Xenophilia-Inducing Bastard

So I got myself an XBOX 360 for Christmas. I’ve finished my first playthrough of Fable 2 (which was more awesome than I ever anticipated it would be), cussed Algol’s brains out in Soul Calibur IV (played through all the characters’ Story modes, currently stuck somewhere in the Tower of Lost Souls), and now I’m trying out Mass Effect.

As I said in my post about District 9, I have never, ever been a sci-fi fan. And now I’m a borderline xenophile, all thanks to a certain turian named Garrus Vakarian.

A screencap of Garrus Vakarian from mass Effect 2
Screencap from IGN

I admit that I only tried out Mass Effect because it’s by BioWare. Well, that, and because my boyfriend and a friend of ours recommended it. It’s definitely not a game I’d pick out of my own accord, because it’s sci-fi. For the first few minutes, I was squinting at the screen, still trying to get used to all the aliens and spaceships and tech stuff.

Aaaaaaand then there was Garrus. My initial reaction was “Damn, his voice is hot. If only he weren’t a fugly alien…”

As I went on playing, I realized that the game was pretty good, and that I was actually enjoying it. I didn’t take Garrus on missions with me at first, but then I started trying different party set-ups and figured that the best companions for my Fem!Shep Vanguard were Garrus  and Tali.

And that was when it all started.

A few missions and a few dozen dead geth later, I found that I was hooked on Garrus. Never mind the fact that he’s an alien who looks like a cross between a cat and a dragon; I was a certified Garrus fangirl. Was it the voice? Or the fact that he’s a sniper? Or those cute side comments he had about the Citadel? Or that awesome-looking monocle-thinggie he wears? I’m not really sure. Maybe it was all of those things combined that made me say “Oh, what the hell,” and forget his being a different species altogether.

So, now I’m part of that throng of Garrus fangirls praying that he’s a romance option in Mass Effect 2, which is coming out on the 26th of this month. There was a minor hint in one of the ME2 trailers  that Tali might be a romance option. If fanboy-favorite Tali might be a romance option, then there’s a chance that fangirl-favorite Garrus might be a romance option too, right? Right? RIGHT???

‘Kay. Going back to trawling DeviantArt for Garrus fanart now.

15 thoughts on “Garrus Vakarian, You Xenophilia-Inducing Bastard

  1. Tell me about it! I don’t want to break BioWare to change up their universe or planned story just to appease the fans, they should tell their story how they want.

    But, I’ll feel a bit slighted if Tali fans get theirs but Garrus fans don’t : (

    Here’s to January 26th! What kind of playthrough did you have in the first game? Personally, I was never without Garrus and Wrex, and I was addicted to the Adept gameplay. Felt they complemented each other nicely.

    1. I know, right? If people get to romance a quarian who can’t even remove her environmental suit because the germs could kill her, it would be really unfair if we can’t romance our turian sniper here. 🙁

      I’m pretty fond of the Vanguard gameplay, and I always had Tali and Garrus with me. Tali’s Damping and Hacking abilities are quite useful, and Garrus is nasty with his rifles. Combine that with my Fem!Shep Vanguard’s biotics and firepower, and you have one heck of a squad. 😀

  2. Lmao. I just found this because I did an out-of-curiosity search for ‘garrus plushie’…

    Garrus is totally a romance, and he’s totally sweet. I hope you enjoyed the game. If you did, you should go back and play ME1. Everyone I know teases me about being a xenophile, because in ME1 I tried to romance Garrus for the longest time before I discovered he wasn’t an option.

    Lol. Kudos.

  3. Omg.. Me too Ki! I was completly addicted to getting more and more dialog with him and intentionaly chose things he’d like. For instance any renegade acts done for the “greater good” and the like. Im molded by him. I LOVE that freaking turien and I just found out he migth not be in ME3 and I swear I nearly cried at the idea of it.

    And yes I sure did romance his armor plated pants off thank you very much. And Im damn proud of it. That sexy, sniper is hot even as an alien with facial scars and possibly MORE sexy becuase of the forbidden aspect to it 😉

  4. Is it completely and utterly sad that I have seen just about every page on the internet with his name on it? I just keep stumbling around looking for more pics to use in my shrine! ^=^ Ok.. so I’m not as normal as you, but hey: now we have something in common heh? c:

    1. No, that’s not sad at all. I do that too. XD Only I don’t have a public shrine… been thinking about it a lot though, since I’ve always liked making shrines (you can find those at my collective). XD

  5. Hmmm… maybe I’m not crazy, I didn’t expect to find other garrus fangirls!
    I’m totally hooked on Mass effect and I totally agree with everyone here about garrus.
    Garrus is so hot! his voice, his comments, his renegade nature…for some reason it’s really sexy, you just look over the fact that he is an reptile like alien.
    I love the fact that you can finally romance him in ME 2 and I heard that he will be back in ME 3 and that there would be a reward if you romanced him in the past… I cant wait!!!

    1. I think it’s not that you’re not crazy, it’s just that we’re ALL crazy. Hahaha! Hmm, I’ve heard rumors of that nature too, but I’m not going to keep my hopes up too high. I might wind up getting disappointed. 😐

  6. So, I’m a guy, and I played ME2 as a chick because the male voice actor annoys me… Anyway… I must say, sexuality in question, I may be gay for kick-ass turians. I was just having a little conversation, getting to know Garrus’ past, and then BLAM! Good stuff happened. It was quite awesome. So, yeah, just thought I’d share my excitement.

    1. I forgot to add the more important part of my post, me and my friend decided we’d boycott ME3 if Tali and Garrus weren’t in it. They’re basically our two xenomaniatic (that’s probably not a word) intrests.

      1. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me. I’ve noticed that there are quite a few male ME/ME2 players out there who are gay for turians. I even saw someone on 4chan begging that BioWare show some female turians in ME3, because the male turians make him confused about his sexuality. :p

        If Tali and Garrus aren’t in ME3, I’m still going to play it, but I’ll definitely throw a hissy fit here on my blog. XD

  7. Yay other Garrus fans! The sexiest character, despite being a lizard-like. I felt a little silly looking up Garrus in google searchs so I could obsess over him. I loved Garrus in ME and was so excited when I realized I got to flirt with him in ME2, and then even more excited when I realized the flirting to lead to an actual romance option.

    1. Oh, don’t feel silly! Garrus has a pretty big fanbase, as far as I can tell. No shame in Googling him for obsession purposes! :p

  8. God! Garrus is sooo sexyly hot! I’m loving mass effect 3! I continued my romance with him from me2. They should make Garth’s toys 😉 Who else agrees!? HMMM! SO fine. And that voice…. makes my knees weak. Lol. I’m fucking nuts! 8D

  9. I’m also a guy who has played as femshep and romanced Garrus, But I have totally fallen for a certain badass Asari adept who has stayed in my squad through two games. Ohh Liara T’soni . . .

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