A screencap of a Blood Elf hunter on a Black War Wolf in World of Warcraft
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Back to WoW – Again

So I thought WoW would let me quit easily, but no! It just sucked me right back in again.

This time, though, I won’t pretend that I can ever be one of those hardcore raiding players whose hunter deals epic amounts of DPS. I just don’t have the drive – or the time – to be that type of player. I’ll go back to playing WoW the way I like it: casually.

I feel kind of bad about it since my guild’s the actively-raiding type and I mooch stuff from them (some of them gave me free gems/enchants, some gave me great hunter tips, and I still snag the occasional stack of ammo from the guild bank from time to time), but Skullpion, the friend who invited me to the guild, told me that it was really no big deal.

I think I’ll just stick to doing dailies, rep-grinding, farming BGs for marks, and completing mundane achievements for now. I’m not opposed to the occasional dungeon run/raid, but I won’t let it take up much of my time.

A screencap of a Blood Elf hunter on a Black War Wolf in World of Warcraft

That aside… Arinae finally got her Black War Wolf! I’ve been wanting to get her one ever since I made her tame one of those Shattered Hand Warhounds. ♥

One thought on “Back to WoW – Again

  1. Guess what? Garrus confirmed : D

    That’s great and all, but please don’t post off-topic comments (please direct your Garrus luff to this post) and please don’t post ME2 spoilers! I do appreciate you informing me though; now I REALLY HAVE TO GET THAT DARN GAME. – El

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