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I told myself I’d stay far, far away from the Mass Effect 2 spoilers popping up on YouTube. I was cursing the fact that people are playing it on the PC now, while I’m still waiting for it to come out on the Xbox 360. I was itching to know if Garrus Vakarian was a freaking romance option, but wasn’t willing to give in to the spoilers and piracy.

But along came a fellow Garrus fan, who directed me to this video:

And I told myself not to watch it.

But I did. Out of curiosity. DAMMIT.

Since I already spoiled myself by watching that darn video, I gave up and looked for this out of curiosity:

I’m… I… oh wow. I’m very, very happy that Garrus really is a romance option in ME2, but geez! That was awkward. Garrus, baby, you don’t have to try so hard. My Fem!Shep will read up on turian flirtation/romance before she hits on you, I promise. And I’ll try my best not to laugh at you once I get to this scene.

…that club music bit seriously cracked me up, though.

39 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2: GARRUS IS A ROMANCE OPTION

  1. Am trying my hardest not to watch the videos because I don’t want to spoil anything but… it’s true? Garrus? As a… a… romance option? Ye gawds I think my brain just melted out of pure glee.

    1. Am trying my hardest not to watch the videos because I don’t want to spoil anything but… it’s true? Garrus? As a… a… romance option?

      Yes, it’s true! I could hardly believe it myself, but it is! BLESS YOU, BIOWARE, BLESS YOU.

      Ye gawds I think my brain just melted out of pure glee.

      I think you just described my reaction to the videos right there. *_*

      May your ability to resist the temptation to watch the spoiler videos be stronger than mine, fellow Garrus fan!

      1. The fact that you can actually romance Garrus (mwah!) hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’m still in the “Too good to be true”-phase of it. 😛

        Have been able to resist temptation thus far, but that new video you posted in the ‘Garrus is a Pimp’ post is making urge to splurge go all haywire. 😀
        I. Will. Be. Strong. Gah!

        1. Now that I’ve thoroughly spoiled myself, I’ve been playing the videos over and over. I really can’t wait to see it for myself once I get the game! ♥

  2. I could piss out a rainbow I am so happy. FINALLY! Romance-able Garrus… Thanks, Bioware for listening to the plea of the fan girls.

  3. Hello! I’m new to your community but I must say I have never felt more at home!! To say I have a rather unhealthy obsession with Garrus is a bit of an understatement. My husband and his friends all think I am a total weirdo because since I played through ME 1 (about six times) I have been very vocal about how badly I want to jump his turian bones! I’m so happy I could cry!

    Kudos to Bioware. Far too often in the video game world do we fangirls get the shaft!

    1. Hi there! Welcome to… my blog. 😀 This isn’t really a community, just a blog. It’s fun to see the Garrus fangirls coming out of hiding to post comments here, though!

      My boyfriend seems supportive about (if not amused by) my “unhealthy obsession” with Garrus… in fact, when I first told him that I kind of liked our turian sniper, he said “I KNEW IT.” I guess he knows me too well, hahaha!

      And BioWare is awesome for listening to fan feedback!

    1. I know, right? There’s just something awfully sweet about a badass character getting all awkward and lovable. XD

  4. I finished the game a few days ago and romanced the hell out of that poor Turian. Glad to see it’s not just me who finds him strangely sexy. 😀 You ladies need to get on it stat–it’s delightfully awkward.

    1. I got started on it as quickly as I could, haha! I’m just doing sidequests, farming resources, and upgrading my stuff before heading into the final mission and one night of Garrus lurvin’. XD

      Also, I totally blew Thane off for Garrus. Sorry emo-snake-dude; I like you just fine, but Garrus is way sexier than you.

  5. Thane was thrown in there for the fangirlz, but we don’t need no emo assassin substitute… been down that road with Zevran and its all angstville in the end.

    Nope, Gimme Garrus any freaking day…

    1. Oh, hey, I think you just helped me figure out why I’m not so fond of Thane. He seems like a Zevran rip-off with the whole “this was to be my last mission because I wanted to die” business. XD

      1. Aww you gotta give him some credit! He is totally zen and that raspy, lizardy voice is kinda sexy? 😀 And what about those strands of visible meat on his face?!

        But lmao, I started a new game purely for Thane. For real. No one should have to die without having a good screw before the big exit!

        1. I dunno, I’m really not that fond of Thane. I thought about romancing him in my second playthrough, but I changed my mind. He’s a decent character, but just not interesting enough for me. We all have different tastes despite our common denominator (Garrus), I guess. XD

  6. Okay so I seriously love ME2! and was a little disappointed at first when my husband told me the only romance options would be Jacob (Uggh! what a crybabay) and Thane (mysteriously grew on me). I kept trying to talk with Garrus but he always had “calibrations.” In ME1 he was my right hand, i did every mission with him and frankly grew very fond of him (for a game character) so I was just about over the moon when the romance dialouge opened up for him, but by then I already had Thane on the line, he though I was “intriguing”. What is a FemShep to do? Do I go with the familiar, always reliable Garrus, or the terminally ill, heartached Thane? btw thanks for the spoiler vid, it will help (I hope!)

    1. Garrus was with me in almost every mission in ME1 too, LOL! And ugh, Jacob. I don’t think anyone really wanted to romance him, and if anyone did, they did it just for the heck of it. 😐

    2. @ lizz, that spoiler vid (above) opens up as a conversation option for you after you complete Garrus’ loyalty mission (where he wants to kill the traitor Sadonis in his old group)

      I hear there will be negative consequences in ME3 for not being faithful to your ME1 romance option!! But I love me some Garrus, way better than Kaiden. I’ll take any “negative consequences” Kaiden can throw at me. Besides, Garrus can take out Kaiden any day. ;P

      I’m a straight-up Garrus fangirl. <3 <3 Thank you so much for posting the "reach and flexibility" vids. I wanted to watch those scenes again!!

  7. Ohmygosh I couldn’t believe it! I kept looking around to see if it was really true! AMAZINGGG. @O@

  8. I am so happy about Garrus. I was very disappointed in ME1 that the conversations with him devolved into his wanting to thank me every time I saw him…. and that was all. He seemed hurt when I cut him off so I’d listen to him thank me all over again. Kept going back hoping for more talk. So, this is great. Except, I hope that it’s not going to be stuck on his talking about doing some research, which is what he says every time I see him now. Research! Calibrations!

    I am resisting the videos….. it’s not easy.

  9. It’s nice to see I’m not the only girl with a crush on Garrus. There’s just something about him! He’s such a gentleman. So far he keeps telling me he doesn’t have time to talk. Hopefully I can romance him!

    1. @Aricle and Allison: Don’t worry dears; once you do his Loyalty quest, he’ll have time for stuff other than his calibrations. 😉

  10. *does a jump* YAHOOOO!!!!! I was so hoping that he was!!! Hes so cute!!!
    Garrus! YAY!!!!!!!
    *does a dance* I was so sad when i kept talking to him, and all he had time for was his calibrations…
    I went,…. AWWWWWWWWW

  11. Garrus is a sweetie. And you gotta give him credit for the fact that he doesn’t give a crap about you working for cerberus, he just wants to stick with you. Trust me, he had me at the, “You’re the only friend I have left in the galaxy,” bit. Kaiden, who I was so excited to romace in ME1 cause, “Hey, It’s Carth!,” can shove his follow up email. If “that night on Ilos” meant so much to him, he’d have trusted Shepard decision to work with Cerberus for crying out loud. Final analysis. Screw Kaiden, and bring on the lovable Turian LOL.

    1. I totally agree with you about Kaidan…though I didn’t actually get to see him in my ME2 playthrough because I let him die in Virmire. Yes, that’s how much I didn’t like him. LOL.

  12. I completely love Garrus, but was secretly hoping for some Urdnot Wrex action. Maybe there will be some krogan love in in ME3.

    1. Well… er… I like Wrex, but not that way. Who knows, maybe BioWare will have something for other krogan fangirls like yourself in the next game. 😀

  13. Oh god I am ME2 ecstasy – I have to admit I didnt follow any of the romance options in ME1 cos I was pissed that there was no option with Garrus!! I started romancing Jacob on my first playthrough – meh totally pedestrian, toyed with Thane, but of course ended up with Garrus – havent got to pt 3 yet but am eagerly awaiting!

    1. I tried the Shenko (Shep/Alenko) romance in my first playthrough of ME1, but I ditched it in my second playthrough. Kaidan was just so… BORING compared to Garrus!

  14. I never finished ME1, or started out with ME1, but the moment I saw Turians in ME2, I never knew how much I could be infatuated with something. D: And when Garrus came along in my squad, I was like “Screw the others, I’m going for Garrus!”. 😛

    They’re just so darn cute but still have this manliness about them. Garrus was such a sweetheart, and his voice is so sexy! Haha, I think I have a fetish for aliens or something; I romanced both Thane and Garrus (Though I love Garrus more), but never Jacob (Dude’s too boring.. He’s so flat..).

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t call it a fetish – maybe you’re like Kelly who believes that race doesn’t matter when it comes to love? 😉

      Now that you’ve mentioned turians in general…Garrus is the only turian I actually went gaga over. All the others were either too boring, too crazy, or had weird face paint. XD

  15. Am I the only girl who have always wanted to have a romance with Joker ?? Does anybody feel the same? Tell me! Maybe Im crazy.. But I find him so attractive! And he is soo funny, I really dont care about his legs. I love him!

    1. I highly doubt you’re the only Joker fangirl out there, Karen! I’ve seen some Joker love on deviantArt (somewhere in Aimo’s older deviations, I believe). You just have to look in the right places, I guess? :p

      And um…I think crushing heavily on a turian *cough* is much crazier than loving a human guy with brittle legbones. XD

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