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Back to Overwatch!

It has been a WHILE since I last played Overwatch, and now I’m back playing Overwatch 2!

It’s been fun picking the game back up again. Since I haven’t played for a long time, everything felt fresh, so I wasn’t that shocked by the changes made to some of the characters while I was away. I’m just glad I got to keep my old skins, emotes, and voice lines!

Here is my Zenyatta in his Sanzang skin, performing the dance of his people for his teammates

It’s been a few weeks since I got back, and I’ve since posted a bunch of quick updates over on the Fangirlisms Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

I have also discovered my ultimate pet peeve in this game so far: players who play Moira like she’s a DPS hero and not a Support hero. Case in point:

Sure you can play Moira aggressively, and you DO need to deal some damage to play effectively. But ultimately your purpose as a Support hero is to HEAL. If you want to play Moira better, check out this video by HolyShiftKid on YouTube:

Aside from getting back to my usual shenanigans as my old Support hero faves, I’ve also been enjoying playing as the new Overwatch 2 character, Kiriko. I’ve heard some people say her heals are weaker than most of the other healers, but if you play her well enough, she does a decent amount of healing and can actually save her teammates from dying to enemy ults if you time your Protection Suzu right.

Sadly I don’t have any documentation of my plays as Kiriko, so I’ll have to end this post with this video of me killing an enemy Widowmaker with a headshot as Zenyatta:

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